Work calendars, monthly and yearly wall planners and magnetic whiteboards

Choosing a Work Calendar or Office Planner

Work Calendars & Planners

As we all know, work can be full of conflicting tasks, deadlines, and expectations. As we also know, having a work calendar is an excellent tool to help us keep on top of everything.

The particular needs of your work calendar may vary depending upon the type of business, however, the need to organise is undisputed. As we all know, work can be full of conflicting tasks, deadlines, and expectations. A visual reminder of upcoming deadlines or events for you, your team, or the whole office makes things so much easier.

What kind of office calendar works best?

The needs of your business will differ depending on a number of factors. The type of work you do, the number of projects you are involved in, or the variety of people you liaise with on a day-to-day basis will all have an impact.

Yearly calendars

Yearly calendars are poster-sized wall planners displaying a full year to a side. Yearly wall planners allow you to see all upcoming events and important dates across the entire year in one view.

As an example; if you are working with long-term projects that are planned months in advance you may work best with a yearly wall planner style of work calendar. Important dates can be seen and highlighted so that you can manage important steps and avoid last-minute surprises.

Our Stick With Sam Yearly Wall Planner is an A1 poster-sized calendar printed on high-quality recycled paper. Weekends are differentiated so they can easily be used as a working days calendar. It is even double-sided, with a different design on each side; pick your preference of the bold black & white design or the colourful watercolour style.

Monthly planners

As an alternative, monthly planners are flip calendars displaying a month per page. The benefit to these is that each date box contains more space to write in.

If your business deals with a larger number of smaller projects, a monthly planner may be the style you need. They also make very good social calendars, reminding people of office social events and team member birthdays.

Stick With Sam Monthly Planners are a large A3-size with 13 months (they include January next year) and a special cover page for keeping important numbers and notes. Each date box has plenty of space for writing those important reminders.

Magnetic Planners

If you are after something a little different, a magnetic planner could be a good solution. Magnetic planners have a whiteboard front-side with a magnetic backing. They stick to any steel surface such as a filing cabinet, or a fridge door.

Easy to use and re-useable, simply write on them with a standard whiteboard marker and wipe off with a cloth or whiteboard eraser to start fresh. They are a great way to manage short-term activities or plan your daily workload.

The magnetic planner styles from Stick With Sam include a daily planner, monthly and weekly planners, as well as to-do lists or general magnetic whiteboards. They are available as a large A3-size, but also as a smaller DL-size whiteboard suitable for quick notes or per-person use.

Manage your work

There are plenty of tools available to help you manage your time efficiently. Take control and make sure you don’t become overwhelmed, or miss important deadlines.

Whatever your schedule we are sure to have something to help you bring your life and work into line.

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